ADR Domain will make one understand the objectives of ADR Society as well as guide one to understand what ADR is, and how to select appropriate dispute resolution method for a dispute resolution. ADR Society Domain is a help tool as well as a directory of ADR professionals in India. ADR Society facilitates Case Management Services for ADR Clients and ADR Practisioners who are registered with the Society.

In the world of dispute resolutions, it is often confusing for one to select appropriate dispute resolution method within the complexity of legislations and jurisdiction within the nation. So also, to select appropriate dispute resolution method within the options available in the recognized / practiced ADR Methods. Hence, it is advised to take professional opinion or to register with ADR Society, for a professional guidance and support services.

In India there are different kind of ADR Professionals / experts, and they are practicing individually and with or without accreditations, and are scattered without any formal associations or agency. The ADR Professionals can be categorized as: - ADR Lawyers, Negotiators, Counseling Professionals, Mediators / Conciliators, Neutrals, Arbitrators and Expert Determination Experts.

Considering the flexibility , approachability, adaptability, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, quicker and faster pace, facilitative with voluntary nature of ADR, it is advisable to opt / select ADR over the Court / Judicial litigation method,which aredominated by an Individual legal counsel strategy and depended on overburdened judicial system.

One got choice to exercise, as to ADR methods. It is depended on the context, facts, and situations of each case. However, it is advised to go step-by –step method. One can either go one-self or through ADR Society registration for a dispute resolution.

An ADR professional can be selected based on his expertise, credentials, availability and fee structure. Based on the same, an Individual and Institution can select them. An ADR professional can also be selected through ADR Society as per the terms and conditions, policy and rules of the Society.

A step-by-step method in ADR is :- 7.1 ) If one is not confident , orconfused , or depressed over the situation and facts of the dispute, it is better to seek advice / opinion from counseling experts and further to proceed based on the self-analyzed facts, situations and background of the dispute. 7.2) To start with Negotiation, if the dispute is negotiable, through an expert Negotiator. 7.3) If the same is not a Negotiable case, or if negotiation fails, one can go for Mediation / Conciliation, by appointing them as Conciliators / Mediators, subjected to the Conciliation law governed under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. 7.4) Neutral / Expert Determination can be sought for matters which need technical expertise / determination either for a complete or for a specific part /point of dispute, as situation warrants.7.5) Arbitrator or a panel of Arbitrators can be appointed , as per the terms and conditions of the agreement, and in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, if the other available methods do not work , or can straight away go to the same, subject to the Arbitration Clause in disputed agreement. If not, Arbitration appointment can be agreed and dispute can be resolved.7.6 Either any of the method can be individually practiced, or a combination can be worked out , like Med- Arb , or Arb-Med- Arb e,tc, or even for a hybrid variety , with a combination of any of thetype or typeswith litigation or without litigation.

Any Individual / Institution can avail services of ADR Society as per the terms and conditions of ADR Society, by complying with the registration process.

Any Individual or Institution can become a Member / Life Time member of the ADR Society, as per the bye law. Those interested can contact ADR Society.

Any individual / institutions practicing canapply, and join to the profile Directory, subjected to the approval and policy of ADR Society. For a detailed profile with photograph in directory a one-time fee of Rs 500/- to be paid.